Here is How to Clean your Woolen carpet In Six Easy Steps

Have you had to struggle with stubborn pet vomit stains on your woolen carpet? You most likely have been doing it wrong. While woolen carpets are not easy to clean, there is a right and wrong way of doing it.

Here is an easy way of handling your carpet cleaning

1. Collect the vomit carefully with a dry towel making sure that you do not spill some of it further on the carpet. This entails picking as much vomit as possible.

2. Sprinkle cold water on the carpet and use a towel to rub the vomit. Continue doing this until almost all the vomit and the moisture is gone.

3. Prepare a mixture of warm water and salt in the ratio of 2 cups of water to one tablespoon of salt. Add to the mixture, half a cup of white vinegar, two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of detergent.

4. With the help of a clean sponge, use the mixture to clean the remaining part of the vomit. Remember that if a big portion of the carpet is soiled, you may require to use more than one sponge.

5. After you have completely cleaned the carpet, sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area. This will help do away with the bad smell as well as help in drying the carpet up.

6. After the carpet has dried up completely, remove the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner.

Why Hire Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Many people across the world stay in rented properties. When moving into a house, tenants expect to find it clean and sparkling. Same way, when moving out of a rented property, it is imperative to leave it clean for the next tenant to occupy. Usually, tenants are required to deposit a certain sum of money to the landlord. This money is refundable upon completion of the tenancy period. However, before the deposit is refunded, landlords have to ensure that the property is in a clean and orderly state. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners will increase the chances of getting your deposit refunded.

Amidst hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, it’s hard to get ample cleaning time. Tenants with busy careers may find it hard to clean their rented properties when moving out. By hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners, moving houses becomes easy. Professional cleaners are thorough and attentive to detail.

You can rest assured that all areas of the property will be well cleaned. Some of the areas of focus include carpets, windows, ovens and cookers among others. Professional cleaners understand the expectations of landlords. Cleaning professionals have the necessary expertise and experience. You will therefore benefit from professional and high standards of work.

Most people consider it costly to hire professional cleaners. They could not be further from the truth. Hiring professional cleaners helps tenants save on costs. As a tenant, you won’t have to spend money on purchasing cleaning products and equipment. You are also assured of getting a refund of your lease deposit. Above all, you will have some peace of mind as you will be saved from the hassles of do-it-yourself cleaning.

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